Peer-learning workshop

A peer-learning workshop was hosted at IHE Delft on 5-7 November 2018 in the framework of the project SMALL. The programme consisted of presentations, break-out sessions and plenary discussions. 16 participants from Uganda, Mozambique and The Netherlands attended the workshop.

The objectives of the meeting were: i) to trigger cross-country learning, ii) to find synergies and integration among work packages; iii) to define the way forward for the final year of the project. 
The meeting was opened by the project coordinator, Dr. Giuliana Ferrero of IHE Delft, and it was followed by presentation of the progress made, by each of the partners. The topics covered included: assessment of the status of Water Safety Plans in Uganda; water quality monitoring in Bushenyi, Uganda; assessment of operational strategies on drinking water quality and occurrence of pathogens in drinking water in Moamba, Mozambique; water services contracts and clustering in Mozambique and Uganda; water supply infrastructure development in small towns and users tinkering with the infrastructure in Uganda and Mozambique.
Each presentation was followed by discussion on the cross-country and inter-work package learning points. The discussion led to identifying how this research has been (or could be) translated into concrete changes in the provision of water services in the small towns. Hence, specific impacts of project SMALL on the ground have been documented, in particular focussing on the change in practices of water operators and asset holders that stemmed from this research (e.g. change in water quality monitoring practices, contracts). At the end of all presentations a work plan for the last year of the project was developed in plenary. 
Participants’ impressions can be found in the video below.