Climate Resilient Water Safety Plans: Hands-on workshop in Mozambique - January 2018

Maputo, 22-23 January 2018

A 2-day workshop, hosted by the Conselho de Regulação de Águas (CRA), was facilitated by Dr. Giuliana Ferrero of IHE Delft and Mr. Harold van den Berg of the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment.

The objective of the workshop on Climate Resilient Water Safety Plans (CR-WSP) was to bring together in a highly interactive environment a small group of key players in the Mozambican water sector: the regulator CRA, the asset holder AIAS and the operators AdeM and Collins. During the training, attendees participated in exercises aimed at refreshing their knowledge on WSP and improving the existing WSPs developed since 2014 for Moamba and Maputo. Special attention was devoted to making WSP climate resilient. With this training, CR-WSP can be further developed and implemented in the small town of Moamba, which is in line with the objectives of project SMALL.

Moreover, a session at the end of the training was devoted to start up the discussion about the potential for scaling up WSP to the entire country. Participants debated about local capacities, which institution(s) shall lead the scaling up process, financial implications, political will to include WSP in the national regulation, etc. This workshop was instrumental in raising the profile of WSP on the agenda of the water sector and it will eventually lead to a high-level meeting on WSP that will take place in late 2018 - early 2019.