Blog: Research stay at EAWAG

Author: Christopher Kanyesigye (National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda)

During the period March to May 2019, I worked in the Sandec department of EAWAG (The Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Research and Technology) under the Eawag Partnership Program (EPP). The EPP was made possible through the SMALL Project (Water supply and sanitation in small towns); being implemented in Uganda and Mozambique. My key objective for the EPP was to enhance my PhD research capacity in terms of statistical data management and preparation for paper publication. While at EAWAG, I was able to accomplish several key outputs including reviewing my PhD proposal to be presented before the Doctoral Committee of Makerere University and writing a paper for journal publication titled: `Status of Water Safety Plans development and implementation in Uganda`. Both activities were successfully accomplished. I was also able to write and submit an article for the 2019 Sandec News Letter, titled, 15 years of water safety plans development and implementation in Uganda, and an abstract for the Water and Health Conference, 2019 (UNC-US), titled, ‘outcome and impact indicators for water safety plans assessment in small towns of Uganda’. Furthermore during the EPP, I learnt and applied the relevant basics of statistics and use of SPSS for my data analysis
The 3 Months EPP attachment at EAWAG has enhanced my capacity to coordinate Research and Development in the National Water and Sewerage Corporation. I have also gained more knowledge my PhD research activities and for SMALL project implementation in general. I hereby express my sincere appreciation to the entire Sandec Department members for the freedom of knowledge sharing. I particularly thank Dr. Sara Marks, who linked me to Eawag through the `SMALL` project and to the entire SMALL Project partnership. I say: God Bless You.

Caption: Mr. Christopher Kanyesigye (center) with Dr. Sara Marks (right) and Mr. Guillaume Clair (left)