Deliverable 1.1_Models for Water Provision in Small Towns Mozambique

Deliverable 1.1_Models for Water Provision in Small Towns Uganda

Report: Current Water Quality Monitoring Practices in Small Towns in Bushenyi

MSc thesis

Sanitation infrastructure transformations in a small town: the case of Bushenyi-Ishaka, Uganda, Stellah Njoki Ngere MSc Thesis Sanitation.19-04 17/04/2019

Analysis of Small Town Sanitation Evaluation of existing services in Bushenyi and a comparison of the enabling environment with a large city, Berverly Farai Nyakutsikwa, MSc Thesis UWS-SE.18-06, March 2018 Updated version, June 2018

Effects of operational strategies on drinking water quality in intermittent water supply systems The case of Moamba Mozambique, Michael Nii Aryee Quaye, MSc Thesis UWS-WSE 2018-23 April 2018

Understanding water infrastructure and its constitutive role in configuring social dynamics in small towns A case study in Moamba, Mozambique, Luis Miguel Silva-Novoa Sánchez, MSc Thesis WM-WCM.18-03 March 2018